Software development

Interested in reducing maintenance and repair costs while keeping your production system productive in the long term?

We at MakroSolutions share many years of know-how and a competent, vendor-neutral team in our RetroFIT division. We know your requirements and needs, which we will integrate into a customised revamp project.

Our automation and control system solutions will bring your system back up to the state of the art – your system will work more efficiently and require less maintenance, while maximising availability using control technology from B&R to ensure long-term production reliability.

Interested in continuing with your existing production system while benefiting from the functionality of the future?

Software is a key component, and plays an essential role in system productivity. Based on a functional analysis, we will provide you with the opportunity of integrating your own requirements. Our modular and continuously evolving software modules allow powerful features and visualisations tailored to your specifications.

This can give your production system a second lease of life using our modularised RetroFIT concepts regardless of previous product vendors.

Our services for your success


  • Control and drive technology
  • Operating modes, recipes, machine configuration


  • Process control with energy and data management
  • Integrated PLC programming
  • Error reports and log books

Visualisations (components and systems)

  • Screen layout with icon design
  • Operating procedures
  • 2D and 3D process and component visualisation