Electronics technician for devices and systems (m/f/d)

Job type:                       Recognized apprenticeship

Type of training:        Dual training in industry (regulated by Training Regulations)

Training duration:     3.5 years

Learning locations:   Training organisation and vocational school (dual training)


What does one do in this job?

Electronics technicians for devices and systems adapt assemblies, create printed circuit boards, assemble components and manufacture electronic devices and systems for various purposes. They install and configure programs or operating systems, check components, develop device documentation or create layouts. In addition, they take care of the procurement of components and operating resources and support technicians or engineers in the implementation of contracts. They plan production processes, set up production and testing machines and participate in quality management. They also create system documentation and manufacturing documents. Maintenance and repair also fall within their area of ​​responsibility. In customer service and when repairing devices, electronics technicians for devices and systems limit the sources of errors and replace defective parts. They also advise customers and instruct users on how to use the devices.

Where does one work?

Electronics technicians for devices and systems find employment

  • in mechanical and plant engineering companies
  • in vehicle electronics companies
  • in measurement and control technology companies
  • in companies in various industries that manufacture, assemble and maintain electronic systems, devices or components (e.g. medical technology, optics, information technology)

Electronics technicians for devices and systems work primarily

  • in production halls and workshops
  • in test laboratories